Welcome to Atrium Physical Therapy!

Atrium Physical Therapy is an independent physical therapist practice in Las Cruces which is owned and operated by Dennis L. Prickett, PT.  At Atrium Physical Therapy, clients receive treatment in an atmosphere in which the client’s needs are of utmost importance and attention to detail is paramount.

We are proud to be the physical therapy practice of choice of many patients and physicians in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County, including general practitioners,  orthopedists,  neurosurgeons,  podiatrists,  rheumatologists,  osteopaths,  acupuncturists,  and alternative health practitioners.

Our commitment to “personalized care” means more than just knowing your name and greeting you with a smile.  It means we take into consideration the things that make you unique.  It means that we are dedicated to giving you treatment that fits your individual needs and gets you back on your feet — fast.

Our goal at Atrium Physical Therapy is not only to quickly facilitate your rehabilitation, but also to teach you the things you can do on your own and the changes you can make in your everyday routine activities to promote long-lasting, permanent relief  and prevent recurrent of injury.  Whether you are in need of pain management, rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery, or have a variety of other issues which are addressed by physical therapy, we can assure you that we will share your goals of recovery with confidence, care, and over 24 years of experience.

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