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If you’re having pain, stiffness, or disability, you may find that physical therapy can help you recover, gain more mobility, and have less pain. There are no guarantees, of course, but by learning routines and physical therapy movements designed for your condition, you may find improvement.

Following are the most common conditions that Atrium treats every day. If you think you may benefit, look at these descriptions, links, and images. Talk to your physician and see if he or she agrees that physical therapy would be a good idea for your case.

Remember, just like a prescription for medication, you can take your prescription for physical therapy to any licensed therapist. You don’t need it to be written specifically for Atrium or any other facility.

Our Services

Neck Pain relief

A 2016 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) estimates that over 50 Million Americans live with chronic pain and that high-impact chronic pain affects approximately 20million Americans. Therapy offers a solution without negative side effects. 

Back Pain & Sciatica

Manual therapy is any hands-on treatment your physical therapist uses to help you regain motion, improve muscle performance, or simply reduce pain. It improves functional outcomes and helps you get back to 100%.

Knee Pain

Seniors and those approaching their golden years take balance issues seriously. THE CDC reports, 1/3 of all U.S. adults 65 and older experience a fall each year, with up to 30 percent suffering moderate to severe injuries.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Over two million people in the United States each year will experience a car accident. Many will walk away without injury, but many more will have lingering pain and disability.

Our mission is to make your day better!

It’s simple and short but that’s it! Making your day better is our top priority. We do this using therapeutic techniques, a supportive and positive treatment environment, and a strong focus on education. While other therapists often find it difficult to establish a balance between time to treat, educate, instruct in exercise, teach self-help tools and answer the patient’s questions, we are passionate about and fully committed to the belief that patient education is the most crucial part of the treatment process.

We’ve developed an understanding of what it is in our approach to which people respond. Patient education sends the message that we completely understand our patient’s condition and what it takes to make them feel better. Patients have said to us “no-one has ever explained that to me” hundreds of times. We give our patients a set of tools to use in their daily activities to continue their treatment long after they have completed a formal treatment regimen.
Our goal is to provide quality, patient-focused care in an environment in which the client’s needs are of utmost importance and attention to detail is paramount. We work with patients individually, helping them achieve an active, healthy, and pain-free lifestyle. If you live in Las Cruces or surrounding communities, Atrium Physical Therapy is the place for you. Call us today!

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