Anodyne Therapy

The word “Anodyne” means pain relief, and Anodyne® Therapy Systems are medical devices that emit infrared light at a wavelength of 890 nm, delivering temporary therapeutic benefits such as reduced pain, muscle spasm and increased circulation where applied.

This treatment is non-invasive, and has virtually no side effect profile – unlike many medications often prescribed for these types of symptoms.

Anodyne® Therapy can be used on patients of all activity and ability levels, and can even be safely applied on those with metal implants and pacemakers.

Do you have poor circulation, stiffness or muscle spasm or experience tingling, or burning pain that interferes with your lifestyle? If so, treatment with Anodyne®

Infrared Therapy can help put you back in control.

Since its clearance by the FDA in 1994, Anodyne® Therapy has been prescribed and used by over 20,000 doctors and therapists who trust its clinical effectiveness.

How does Anodyne® Therapy help? 

Blood vessels lose elasticity with age, reducing the amount of blood delivered to nerves and muscles in the extremities.

Factors such as heart disease, diabetes, vascular disease, chemotherapy and nicotine use for example, also contribute to blood vessel narrowing – further diminishing blood supply to the extremities.

The infrared light emitted out of the Anodyne® Therapy System stimulates the body to produce nitric oxide, temporarily dilating blood vessels , increasing local circulation and also reducing pain where administered.

In some cases, patients with poor circulation may have an absence of pain. Others however, may experience discomfort or tingling, burning pain in places like their toes, feet, fingers and hands.

Fifteen studies have been published in peer reviewed journals demonstrating the effectiveness of Anodyne® Therapy. In an average of 5 studies, patients reported a 57% reduction in pain experienced in their extremities.

Atrium Physical Therapy in Las Cruces, New Mexico is pleased to have the Anodyne® Therapy system available for our patients.  Call  us today at (575) 525-2450 for more information or to schedule a consultation.


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