Common Hip Problems

As you would expect from a joint as significant and essential as the hip, many difficulties can arise. The following injuries and disabilities are among the most common.

Muscle Strain

In athletes and persons who do weight training, Osteoarthritis the strain a of one or more hip muscles is result an eccentric contraction repetitive muscle point weight training lengthens while under load these motions cause tremendous forces leading to strains they typically occur in groin and hamstring leg arthritis any can affect your hips and rheumatoid arthritis are two of the most common. Arthritis inflames the hip joint and breaks down the cartilage cushioning the hip bones. Arthritis limits joint movement and produces pain.


Tendons connect our bones to muscles. trochanteric bursitiship flexor tendonitis a is painful inflammation of tendons usually repetitive stress from overuse the cause trochanteric bursitis bursa are thin cushions that prevent points friction between bone and soft tissues surrounding it sac contains synovial membrane which produces fluid outside joint called causes pain with hip movement.

Hip Pointers

These contusions, bruises, come from a direct blow to the outside of your hip that causes fractures of the hip.

Stress Fractures of the Hip

These hip labral tear occurs, the joint pinches a piece of the labrum causing pain and a feeling of catching.

Femoroacetabular Impingement

Doctors call this condition Osteitis Pubis may be due to the repetitive pulling of muscles over the front of the hip joint. Pain resulting from this is usually related to activity.

Traumatic Hip Subluxation & Dislocation

The complete dislocation of the hip a usually happens as result car crash subluxations are partial when ball ball-and-socket comes only part way out joint athletes also prone to this injury p h3 avascular necrosis called osteonecrosis, this condition occurs if the flow of blood to the hip bones slows, causing the death of bone tissue. It can happen in other bones as well, but it often occurs in the hip. The necrosis can occur because of a fracture, dislocation, or long-term use of steroids.

Common Hip Problems
As you would expect from a joint as significant and essential as the hip, many difficulties can arise.

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Common Hip Problems
In athletes and persons who do weight training, the strain of one or more of the hip muscles is a result of an eccentric contraction. Repetitive eccentric contraction of a muscle is the point of weight training. The muscle lengthens while under a load. These motions cause tremendous forces, leading to strains. They typically occur in the groin and hamstring muscles of the leg.

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