Physical Therapy for School-Age Children

Physical Therapy for School-Age Children

Infants and children are no strangers to physical therapy sessions. Sometimes, the child has a disability such as cerebral palsy, toe walking, or spina bifida In other cases, a child may have broken a leg playing a sport, incurred injuries from a fall, or are undergoing medical treatment that creates a physical disability.

Before your child’s first appointment, prepare them for the experience. Let them know that physical therapists help people get stronger and get well. If a child has a broken leg, the therapist will teach them how to use crutches safely. It’s tricky to move up and downstairs. With physical therapy, the process will be more natural, and they’ll have less chance of falling and re-injuring themselves.

If your child has an athletic injury, your therapist can give them valuable hints on how to condition themselves and prepare their bodies before the big match. Professional sports teams all have therapists and trainers. Physical therapy is your child’s chance to have that same advantage, repairing damage and preventing further injury.

The child should wear loose, comfortable clothing, and sturdy footwear like athletic shoes. The therapist will introduce themselves and explain what will happen each step of the way. Surprise! Many of the therapies are fun.


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