Work-related Injury Rehabilitation

Work-related Injury Rehabilitation

Assistance for employees with traumatic or overuse injuries that occur on or off the job

Why choose Atrium Physical Therapy?
When you are experiencing pain or a decline in performance unique to a work-related injury, it makes sense to seek a highly trained professional – someone who can help you return to work using techniques that are supported by the latest in science. Atrium Physical Therapy is where you’ll find that professional. Your physical therapist will design a treatment program to improve your function, maximize your abilities and speed your recovery.

How is work-related injury rehabilitation approached at Atrium Physical Therapy?
At Atrium Physical Therapy in Las Cruces, our program is designed to maintain the health, wellness and safety of the workforce through evaluation and reconditioning of injured workers. Our services support work-injury prevention and employee rehabilitation, and help decrease time on disability as well as costs related to lost work time. We can assist physicians, insurance companies, case managers and employees by providing education regarding ergonomic work practices and use of protective body mechanics that help establish and maintain healthy work habits.


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